Clay nature art

Making art in the garden with the children

A few weeks back, our daughter really enjoyed making Nature Faces at forest school. She used clay, bits of grass, sticks, flowers and anything that was found around the forest to create these cute little forest friends. Last week we decided that we would go on a nature scavenger hunt to collect materials to create some nature art for our own garden.

We used air drying clay as it is a great medium for children to play with and is fantastic for open-ended play. Children, especially younger ones, play and learn naturally so it’s nice to know that as our two enjoy exploring, playing and getting creative by themselves, not only are they having fun but they are also developing important skills. It was especially nice to watch our youngest, who being very reluctant at the start to touch the clay was soon prodding, squishing and poking sticks into it which is great for his fine motor skills.

making clay nature faces with children.

What you need:

  • Air drying clay, this can easily be bought online and at craft shops
  • Materials for decorating, this could include, sticks, stones, leaves, flowers, acorns, grass, shells etc.


  • Simply take a piece of clay, roll, squish, flatten to your required shape and get creating

At Foreset school they stuck the clay to tree trunks which worked well and looked really great but if like us you don’t have a tree in your garden you can always use a fence post, brick wall, flat surface or even turn your creation into a hanging decoration.

We would love to see the Nature Art that you create, please feel free to share with us your creations on our social media pages.

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  1. What a great idea. I shall certainly be trying this. When I do we I shall certinly be posting on your facebook page.

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