Indian stick insects

Raising Stick Insects

Exploring nature plays a huge part in our daughters education and it always amazes me at how much she learns and how much knowledge she gains from playing, observing and questioning what is happening around her. So we were very excited when the grandparents brought the kids the ‘Insectlore’ Living Twig – Stick Insect kit as we get to watch for ourselves the life cycle of the stick insect.

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Signs of autumn

Signs that the seasons are changing

As you may have already noticed, the early signs of autumn are appearing.  This is the perfect time for both adults and children to take notice and see the changes as they progress. Whilst we have been gardening with the children and going on our nature walks we have noticed that the leaves on the trees are starting to turn.

Download our signs  of  autumn  activity  sheet.

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Common but nasty plants

Plants that can be dangerous to children

This week we made a start on keeping a nature journal with our daughter, it’s been a dream of ours ever since she was born to teach her all about plants and to give her the knowledge to be able to identify specific plants that have beneficial uses. It is also important to us that we teach her and now our young son about what we call “no no plants”. Plants or part of a plant that we do not want our children to touch or eat as they can cause harm. This post will cover “no no”plants.

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