Deciduous and evergreen trees

Deciduous and evergreen trees,

Late October is a great time of the year to do tree studies with the kids in the UK and this week we are going to focus on the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees as we go on our nature walks. We’ve enjoyed all the Autumn leaf activities of the past few weeks, watching the transition of leaf colour and collecting the fallen leaves but now we are noticing another change. In the last couple of days whilst out on our walks at our local nature spot we have started to notice that some of the trees are looking a little bare whilst others are not. In the landscape it is very clear that as some trees drop all their leaves for Winter others stand tall and green. We want to use this opportunity to teach our daughter about deciduous and evergreen trees and the different methods they have for surviving the cold Winter months. Continue reading “Deciduous and evergreen trees”

Halloween kids activities

halloween garden activities for children
We greatly look forward to seasonal celebrations and events as they are a chance to teach our children about history and culture as well as enjoy a shared celebration with their local community. The last part being of great importance to us because we believe it’s important for children to feel safe and connected in their community and that the outside world is something not to be afraid of. Halloween in particular gives our children a chance to interact with their neighbours and the surrounding community with whom they may not have had much interaction before. Although it’s not always easy to deal with children hyper from all the sugar consumption we feel the increase in confidence is worth it.

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Autumn leaf activities for children

autumn activities for kids

Autumn is the perfect season to take a walk with the kids as there is so much for them to enjoy such as muddy puddles, acorns, conkers and an array of ¬†colourful fallen leaves waiting to be picked up. We collected so many autumn leaves for last weeks article Teaching kids why autumn leaves change colour that I decided to put the spare ones to good use and spend the week doing autumn inspired activities with the kids. Continue reading “Autumn leaf activities for children”