Halloween kids activities

halloween garden activities for children kindergardening.co.uk
We greatly look forward to seasonal celebrations and events as they are a chance to teach our children about history and culture as well as enjoy a shared celebration with their local community. The last part being of great importance to us because we believe it’s important for children to feel safe and connected in their community and that the outside world is something not to be afraid of. Halloween in particular gives our children a chance to interact with their neighbours and the surrounding community with whom they may not have had much interaction before. Although it’s not always easy to deal with children hyper from all the sugar consumption we feel the increase in confidence is worth it.


For those unaware, Halloween is part of the Christian Hallowmas season and falls on the evening before All Saints day. It is a time to reflect on dead loved ones and dead saints. As is common on Christian periods of reflection, Christians often abstain from meat, this is why the foods associated with Halloween are all vegetarian. Common foods enjoyed are barmbrack (an Irish fruit loaf), toffee apples, potato bread and roasted pumpkin seeds. In 15th century England it was common to go door to door to pray or sing and receive small cakes, the tradition continues today but we give sweets instead. Please enjoy these kids activities and enjoy yourselves.

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Halloween plant pot activity for children

This year I wanted to make a Halloween display for the children and so we made these friendly looking halloween plant pots for our indoor plants. These were very simple to do and all we did was collect up some plastic plant pots we had in the shed and used whatever we could find in the craft box.

Halloween activities like this are great for the imagination and there really are no limits to what you can create. I would suggest though that you do not plant any plants directly into the pot. Have your plants in a pot that will fit inside your decorated pot because you do not want your Halloween plant pot getting water damage when it comes to watering the plant.

halloween plant pot monster activity for children kindergardening.co.uk

halloween spider plant pot activity for children kindergardening.co.uk

The green monster plant pot was done by sticking tissue paper to the pot using PVA glue. We then decorated it with stickers, foam shapes and googly eyes to make it look like a monster and lastly we gave it a coat of Modpodge to make the tissue a little firmer. The spider was very simple to do, we used was a black plant pot, black pipe cleaners, googly eyes and some white foam.

Making Halloween jar lanterns with kids

Halloween lanterns kindergardening.co.uk

Making Halloween lanterns out of old jars is really easy to do and when you see them glowing in the dark they look really great. The good thing about these Halloween lanterns is that you can make them as spooky or as friendly as you like which is great for younger children who can sometimes be put off by the spookier images of Halloween. I cannot wait to line these up along our window on Halloween night.

You will need:

  • Jar
  • PVA Glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Decorations stickers, googly eyes, paper etc
  • LED tea light candles


  • Using PVA glue stick strips of your choice of coloured tissue paper all over the jar
  • Decorate you jar with a printout face template, googly eyes,bandages or any other decorations that you have.
  • Leave your jar to dry,pop in your LED tea light and with for darkness to fall!

Pumpkin decorating with children

pumpkin carving with kids kindergardening.co.uk

Pumpkin carving is the one activity that I think most children associate with Halloween and I myself can still remember the distinctive smell that greeted me when scooping out a pumpkin for the first time. At the time I found the whole thing gross but now it is one of my favourite activities of Halloween. Our kids are the same, they love playing with and squishing together all the seeds and stringy flesh.

If your kids are too young to actually carve the pumpkin you might want to consider decorating your pumpkin by painting on a face, sticking on a scary design or even buying a cultivar that is covered in hideous lumps and bumps.

pumpkin art with children kindergardening.co.uk

Enjoy a spooky moonlit walk with the children

Wrap up warm, grab a torch and go for a night time walk with the kids. A walk in the dark can be very exciting for young children and we have put together this Spooky Halloween spotter list for you to download and enjoy here.


We would love to see your Halloween pumpkins and crafts on our social media pages.