Scary animals and spooky plants

Halloween scary animals and spooky plant list for children Halloween everyone! We hope you have a memorable time today. Seeing as it is Halloween we thought we would share with you a list of our favourite scary animals and spooky plants.

Scary animals

Vampire bat
Named for its’ habit of biting prey and drinking their blood. Vampire bats live in colonies that can range in size anywhere between 100 to 1000 bats and they are the only mammals that feed entirely on blood. A colony of 100 vampire bats can drink the blood of 25 cows in one year.The vampire bat

Black Widow spider
One of the deadliest spiders on Earth this scary looking spider is named for its’ colour and the fact the females have large venom glands and eat the widow spider

Komodo Dragon
The largest reptile on earth, it’s larger than an adult human and kills with the venom of its’ bite. Komodo dragons saliva contains 50 strains of bacteria so even if a bitten prey manages to escape it will still die within 24 hours from blood poisoning the Komodo Dragon will then use its amazing sense of smell to find and eat the corps.komodo dragon scary plants and animals

Poison dart frog
This small frog has dark skin colours with bright contrasting patterns meant as a warning to animals that it is deadly. The frog excretes poison from its’ skin so don’t let it touch you!Poison dart frog

Spooky Plants

These colourful flowers are a common sight in gardens in the UK and they come in a variety of colours. However when the seed pods dry and open they have a very different somewhat scary appearance as they look like skulls.

snap dragon skull plant
Photograph by laajala

Corpse flower
One of the worst smelling flowers on earth. The Corpse flower rarely blooms but when it does the smell has been described as the equivalent of rotting fish or meat. It attracts flies and other insects ordinarily attracted to dung and decaying flesh to use at its’ pollinators.List of scary plants and animals the corps plantVenus Flytrap
The truest example of a carnivorous plant. It produces red tinged leaves that secrete a sweet sap. When the hairs on the leaves are triggered the leaves snap shut on attracted insects and enzymes digest them,List of scary plants and animals the venus fly trapDragon Blood tree
One of a number of trees that produce red sap. When cut into the tree appears to bleed with a sap the colour and consistency of blood.bleeding blood tree


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