Nature advent activities

homemade christmas decorations week has really felt like winter, we have had snow on the mountain tops, a night of stormy weather and over the weekend we had hail. The plants in the garden are surprisingly holding up nicely but the kids and I have not been out in the garden as much. We have however been getting into the Christmas spirit and for us one of the best parts of Christmas is the decorations. The more Christmassy the better, the more colours the better and absolutely the more homemade decorations the better. This weekend we made lots of nature decorations.

Dogwood nature decorations

Dogwood Christmas decorations (Cornus sanguinea and others) is a hardy tree that has a vivid red stem during Winter and the fresh cut stems can be gently crafted into shapes making a really beautiful natural ornament. It takes a little patience and practice to get the right amount of pressure to bend the twigs without snapping them but once made they can last a long time. The heart decoration in our pictures was made 4 years ago.

If sculpting the Dogwood is a little difficult for smaller hands then they may enjoy gluing the branches and sprinkling glitter on to them to make their own festive tree.

homemade dogwood christmas decorations made by kids
Our daughter enjoyed making her own decorations out of the dogwood and even had a go at crafting a piece into a fish.

Pine cone Christmas decorations

pine cone christmas decorations

If your house or handbag is anything like mine than you will have a surplus of pine cones lying around and Christmas is the perfect time to make use of them. Pine cones are really versatile, you can make hanging decorations, add them to a wreath or place in a bowl/vase to make a Christmassy centrepiece. Our daughter really enjoyed making small Christmas trees out of ours but even I found gluing on the sequins a little tricky. Our daughter enjoyed painting them and then dipping them into a big bowl of glitter the most.

Nature lovers Advent calendar


I am very particular when it comes to Advent calendars. I love a traditional scene, beautiful pictures and a lot of glitter, my kids however take after their Dad and enjoy a chocolate calendar. Whilst they enjoy their chocolate a day I have decided to create my own virtual advent calendar for the nature loving part of me. If your kids are like mine then I hope you enjoy this calendar and it gets you in the Christmas spirit. The calendar is free for everyone to enjoy and it can be found here on this article or here. Please feel free to share our Nature Advent calendar with all your family and friends.

We have enjoyed being creative this week and if you have also been making your own home made decorations then please share with us your creations on our social media pages.