Christmas essence

natural christmas essence kinder gardeningChristmas is our favourite time of year and there is nothing better than walking into a house that looks and feels all cosy and festive. One of the easiest and quickest ways to get the house ready for the festivities is to make your home smell just like Christmas.

Natural christmas essence our début product we are selling Christmas essence. For anyone who wants an all natural alternative to the usual artificial scent accessories in the shops, this is perfect. As the Christmas essence simmers gently on the hob the natural fragrance of fir, orange and cinnamon combined releases a wonderful, refreshing and natural aroma that fills the whole house and creates a cosy ambience.

The great thing about the Christmas Essence bundle is that the scent is not only natural but it lasts for quite some time after you have stopped simmering unlike scented candles which seem to loose their scent as soon as they are not lit. Also by tying the fir, cinnamon and orange into a pretty bundle you can easily take it out and put it back into a pan to use as and when you like. Our children look forward to Christmas and the scent in the house when we use this creates a happy atmosphere that our kids love and I’m sure the children in your lives will love to.


Each Christmas essence bundle is handmade by ourselves using fresh fir that is picked and packed on the same day that the order is dispatched. Each item is sent First Class by Royal Mail. We can deliver to UK only. Purchases are made through PayPal so please remember to supply your delivery address via the PayPal process. Each product is £1.99 with free postage and packaging.