Early Spring spotter

My children and I had a lovely time bird spotting in our garden and my daughter noticed a few signs of Spring. So here is a Spring spotter activity and I hope you and your children enjoy spotting them too.


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Big garden birdwatch activities for kids

Big garden birdwatch activities for kids. Kindergardening.co.uk

This weekend we will be spending an hour in the garden taking part in the RSPB Big garden birdwatch. We will be recording all the different birds we see visiting our garden and how many of each. Our daughter is very excited as she loves watching the birds in the garden and we are very lucky to have blue tits, bullfinches, starlings, robins, sparrows and many more visit us. If you would like to take part in this years Big garden birdwatch all you have to do is download the birdwatching pack which can be found here: RSPB Big garden birdwatch pack. This week we have been doing some Bird inspired activities with the kids which we want to share with you. Continue reading “Big garden birdwatch activities for kids”

Forcing Spring bulbs indoors with children

Kindergardening.co.uk Gardening with children activities. Forcing Spring bulbs indoors. A step by step guide to forcing spring bulbs indoors with children.It will be a while before the Spring comes and the bulbs begin to bloom. However, in the bleak winter these bulbs can bring colour to the home. A fun experiment for kids is to force the bulbs indoors and give children a chance to observe the growth that occurs. It’s also a nice indoor activity to keep the children interested in natural science over the Winter when outside has harsh weather conditions. We didn’t buy bulbs specifically for this, however we did put some aside from the selection we put into the garden. Continue reading “Forcing Spring bulbs indoors with children”

January garden planning with kids

gardening with kids. Kindergardening.co.uk January garden planning with kidsJanuary is an important time in the garden for getting things planned and prepared and it’s a wonderful opportunity for the kids to get involved and will give them some understanding of the activity that goes into the garden before Spring arrives. In the garden during January the ground is cold and hard, the pond and puddles iced over and the chill in the air seems to blow straight through you. The garden may seem quiet and bare now but before long, with a little planning, it will be full of growth and they kids won’t want to come back indoors. Continue reading “January garden planning with kids”