Big garden birdwatch activities for kids

Big garden birdwatch activities for kids.

This weekend we will be spending an hour in the garden taking part in the RSPB Big garden birdwatch. We will be recording all the different birds we see visiting our garden and how many of each. Our daughter is very excited as she loves watching the birds in the garden and we are very lucky to have blue tits, bullfinches, starlings, robins, sparrows and many more visit us. If you would like to take part in this years Big garden birdwatch all you have to do is download the birdwatching pack which can be found here: RSPB Big garden birdwatch pack. This week we have been doing some Bird inspired activities with the kids which we want to share with you.

Bird cake recipe

making bird feeders with kids

Inside the RSPB Big garden birdwatch pack is a recipe for making a Bird cake and it suggests using yoghurt pots however we did not have any so we used toilet rolls instead which have worked well. This activity was great for the kids to do as they could both help with mixing the suet, seeds and cheese together.

Making bird seed cake with kids.

What you need:

  • Packet of suet
  • Mixed bird seeds
  • Grated Cheese
  • Large bowl
  • Toilet roll tubes
  • String


  • Cut some string long enough to fit inside the toilet roll with enough length hanging over for you to hang up your feeder
  • In a large bowl using your hands mix together your suet, bird seeds and grated cheese.
  • Once the mixture is mixed and squashed together start putting it into the toilet tube, making sure you pack it down tight and around the string. (It is important that the mixture is compact inside the tube as otherwise it will not hold its shape once the toilet roll is removed)
  • Once your tube is filled place it in the fridge for at least 2 hours
  • When your mixture is set gently cut and peel away the toilet roll and you will be left with your bird cake that is ready to hang outside.

Simple bird feeder for younger kids

Our son has just recently turned 2 and we sometimes struggle to find activities that he can join in with without getting frustrated. This simple bird feeder activity was perfect for him. He enjoyed putting the cheerios onto the pipe cleaner as well as eating them.

Toilet roll binoculars Homemade binocularsOur daughter made her little brother some binoculars out of old toilet rolls stapled together and felt. This is a very simple activity for kids to do and they can decorate theirs however they like with stickers, paint, crayons etc.

Make a birds nest

make a birds nest kids activity.

Making a birds nest with the kids was a great activity and a lot of fun. They collected sticks, leaves, feathers and pieces of wool from around the house and stuck them into some homemade play dough to make a cosy nest for our bird. If you want to make a nest that your children can keep you can always use clay.

Building a nest using play dough, sticks, feathers, wool, leaves and moss is a great activity for kids of all ages.

We have really enjoyed doing our bird themed activities this week and we would love to hear if anyone else is planning on doing the Big garden birdwatch. Please join us on social media and share with us your activities.