teaching kids about bees

kindergardening.co.uk Gardening with kids activities,ideas and free resources. Bumble bee craft activity for kids. Make a bumblebee with a pinecone kids activityIn the UK there are roughly 270 species of bee and these can be split into two groups: social bees and solitary bees. Social bees include types such as the bumble bee and honey bee. They live socially in colonies, make honey in their hive and are ruled by a queen where as the solitary bee as the name suggest lives alone and does not make honey, some types of solitary bee include the Leaf-cutter bee and red mason bee.

Just last week we saw three bees in our garden so we decided now would be a good time to teach our daughter a little more about these ‘pollinators” as she likes to call them that visit our garden.  Continue reading “teaching kids about bees”

Teaching kids about land snails

Teaching kids about land snails. Kindergardening.co.uk gardening with kids activities. Learning about garden snails

This week we discovered a lot of empty snail shells in the garden and we decided to collect them all up and have a go at identifying the snails by their shells. When we laid out our shells and closely inspected them we were all surprised at how different they all looked from one and another and how much detail there is in each and every one. Some of the features included a brown lip, spirals and blotched markings. Our daughter really enjoyed matching up the shells to the illustrations in the book and was asking lots of questions so we decided to learn a little more about the snails found in our garden. Continue reading “Teaching kids about land snails”

Plantable seed paper activity for kids

Make your own seed paper activity for kids. Kindergardening.co.uk Plantable seed paper Valentines heart activity

Valentines day is just around the corner and we thought it would be fun to make our own plantable seed paper in a shape of a heart to give out as a gift. Once Valentines day is over all our recipient needs to do is plant the heart, just as you would a packet of seeds and wait for the flowers to grow. This activity is really easy to do and both our kids enjoyed getting involved. Continue reading “Plantable seed paper activity for kids”