Thornless fruit plants Gardening with kids. A selection of thornless fruit plants that are perfect for a child friendly gardenOur kids love fruit picking in the summer and this week I wanted to share with you a selection of thornless fruit plants that we are growing in pots in the kids garden. The plants we have chosen to grow are a perfect addition to our child friendly garden as the kids can pick all the tasty  fruits without getting scratched or having thorns stick to them. Due to limited space we have opted for drawf varieties that can easily be grown in pots. Continue reading “Thornless fruit plants”

Exploring wild flowers

Exploring wild flowers with children activity. weather is starting to warm up and we are starting to see our spring bulbs bloom in the garden which is a really nice sight. This week we went on a long walk in our local forest in search of wild flowers as part of the Exploring nature with children curriculum that we follow. The kids had a great time being out in the fresh air exploring and although we only found three types of wild flowers it was a fun activity for all of us to do together. If you are looking for a easy and fun nature activity to do with the kids then please feel free to print off our “Wild spring flower” checklist that can be found at the bottom of this page. Continue reading “Exploring wild flowers”

Easy to grow herbs for kids Gardening with kids. Easy herbs for kids to growThis week our kids have been enjoying playing “tea parties” in the garden and one of the highlights for me was watching our daughter pick the leaves from all the different herbs she has growing to make “tea and snacks” for herself and her brother. It was great watching them have fun smelling and tasting the different herbs, discovering which ones made the water taste nice and which ones did not and from my observations it seems the black peppermint was a big hit but the thyme was apparently so bad our two year old had to throw the cup whilst shouting yuck! Growing herbs with your kids is a fantastic way to get children interested and involved with gardening and this week we are going to talk about some different herbs that are perfect for kids to grow. Continue reading “Easy to grow herbs for kids”


As part of our daughters curriculum we have started reading ” The Burgess bird book for children” which is a collection of tales featuring a rabbit named Peter rabbit who becomes friends with a variety of birds in his neighbourhood. The tales introduce children to these different birds, their nesting habits, feeding preferences and characteristics. This week we read chapter 1 “Jenny Wren Arrives” and our daughter who loves birdwatching, was so engaged that we decided to continue learning about Wrens. Continue reading “Wrens”