As part of our daughters curriculum we have started reading ” The Burgess bird book for children” which is a collection of tales featuring a rabbit named Peter rabbit who becomes friends with a variety of birds in his neighbourhood. The tales introduce children to these different birds, their nesting habits, feeding preferences and characteristics. This week we read chapter 1 “Jenny Wren Arrives” and our daughter who loves birdwatching, was so engaged that we decided to continue learning about Wrens.

kindergardening.co.uk Introducing Jenny the WrenThis week we have been looking at Wrens and here you can read what we have learned. There is also a link at the bottom of this post to that will direct you to a site where you can download your own copy of “The Burgess Bird Book for Children” for free.

How to identify a Wren

kindergardening.co.uk - Gardening with kids, activities, Ideas and resources. All about Wrens. How to Identify wrens in your garden.The wren is a small, dumpy brown bird that resides throughout the UK and is a regular visitor to many gardens. It can easily be identified by its short and often upright tail. Its bill is narrow, pointed and slightly curved and they have a dark eye-stripe with a paler strip above the eye.

Habitat of a Wren

kindergardening.co.uk gardening with kids. Introducing Jenny the Wren. Habitat of a wrenThe Wren likes to live in places that provide low cover and can be found in a wide range of habitats across the UK  including woodland, farmland, garden and parks.

What do Wrens eat?

kindergardening.co.uk What do wrens eat?Wrens are insectivores who mainly eat insects, spiders, beetles, caterpillars and flies. However if a natural source of food is in short supply they will eat food mixes that contain mealworms, suet and sunflower hearts.

What does the birdcall of a Wren sound like?

Although small in size the Wren has an impressively loud, sharp repeated call of “tic-tic” and their song is a series of trills and warbles.

The Burgess book of birds for Children

The Burgess book of birds for children is in the public domain and is available for you to download, print or read online for free. If you would like to read this book to your own children then please follow the following link. Burgess book of birds children download