Thornless fruit plants Gardening with kids. A selection of thornless fruit plants that are perfect for a child friendly gardenOur kids love fruit picking in the summer and this week I wanted to share with you a selection of thornless fruit plants that we are growing in pots in the kids garden. The plants we have chosen to grow are a perfect addition to our child friendly garden as the kids can pick all the tasty  fruits without getting scratched or having thorns stick to them. Due to limited space we have opted for drawf varieties that can easily be grown in pots.

Thornless white Thornless fruit plants for a child friendly garden. White currants

We are growing a ‘White Versailles’ which produces a crop of sweet white currants that can be picked early July. A ripe white currant is nearly clear in colour and has a sweeter taste compared to the red currant. The White Versailles is easy to grow and is best planted in Autumn so that it has time to get established for the following summer.

Thornless raspberry plant

Creating a child friendly fruit garden. Thornless fruit plants for a child friendly garden. Thornless raspberry.

Here is our ‘Ruby Beauty’ thornless raspberry that we planted in the Autumn. It is a dwarf variety that reaches just 1 meter high and will happily grow in a pot. The ‘Ruby Beauty’ is easy to grow and produces fruit in early June.

Thornless blackberry plant Thornless dwarf blackberry plant for a child friendly gardenThe thornless Blackberry we are growing is called ‘Little black prince’, it is a dwarf variety that reaches no higher than 100cm and ours was planted in the Spring. This thornless blackberry plant produces large blackberries in July and will carry on producing fruit up to the first frost.

Alpine strawberry plant Alpine strawberries for a child friendly garden

Alpine strawberries may be small but they are full of flavour and are a firm favourite with our kids. They are a easy hardy plant to grow and can be planted in the Spring or late Summer early Autumn. We have alpine strawberries growing in pots, old guttering and directly in the ground and they will produce fruit during the Summer and Autumn.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks article and please feel free to join us on social media to see what else we’ve been doing in the garden this week.