How to make a fairy door How to make a fairy door. Free fairy door and miniature fairy envelope templates. Creating a fairy garden with the kids

This week we added a little touch of fairy magic to the kids garden by making fairy doors complete with letterboxes and miniature fairy sized envelopes. Our daughter has been writing notes and leaving gifts out for the fairies for years and she is very excited that there is now a special place in the garden where she can post her letters. If you would like to make your own fairy door then please feel free to download our fairy door and miniature envelopes templates found in this post.

How to make a fairy door How to make a fairy door for a magical kids garden

Making a fairy door  is a fun and creative activity for children to do and it is great fun watching their imagination come alive. The tiny fairy sized envelopes add that little extra bit of magic and if your children are anything like mine than they will enjoy sending and receiving letters from the fairies.


To make your own fairy door all you need to do is follow these simple steps.


What you need

  • Air drying clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Fairy door template. Download here
  • Shaped cookie cutters, knife, tools etc to decorate your door with
  • Paints
  • Varnish or Mod podge Making a fairy door with kids

Instructions for fairy door

  • Roll out the clay so that it is the right size for the template
  • Cut out the door and letterbox
  • Use cookie cutters, sticks, bits of clay to decorate your fairy door
  • Leave to dry following the instructions on your clay
  • Paint you design and let dry. (You may need to do more than one coat)
  • Varnish – If you are not planning on using your fairy doors outside you can skip this step

Instructions for fairy envelopes

  • Cut around the fairy envelope template
  • Carefully glue the sides and fold the flaps to form a small Fairy door and envelope activity for kids

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks post and please let us know/show us your pictures, if you make your own magical fairy doors. You can contact us via social media.