Preparing our winter veg How to prepare a winter vegetable garden for gardening with kidsThe beginning of the end approaches, for summer that is and our kids are enjoying reaping the awards of all their hard work and have been busily harvesting potatoes, carrots, salad, radishes, strawberries and more. As we approach the last few weeks of summer we have started to plan and prepare our winter vegetable garden. Now is a great time to sow crops and get plants ready for planting out. Gardening with kids is both fun and rewarding and  with a little planning you can easily enjoy harvesting your home grown vegetables this winter. In this weeks article we talk about the vegetables that our kids have chosen to grow. Continue reading “Preparing our winter veg”

British butterfly hunt for kids

Get the kids out into nature this summer holiday and enjoy our British butterfly hunt activity. All these butterflies can be found in flight between July and’s that time of year again where we will be taking part in the Bigbutterflycount a nationwide survey where the public count all the butterflies that they see during 15 minutes on any one day between the 20th July and 12th August. Our daughter is a keen butterfly spotter and loves going on butterfly hunts so we have made this British butterfly hunt list which has a selection of butterflies that can be seen in flight between July and August. This is a perfect activity for kids of all ages to enjoy this summer holiday. Continue reading “British butterfly hunt for kids”

Dandelion lotion bar recipe How to make dandelion lotion bars

A couple of months ago when I was looking for recipes and activities to do with dandelions I discovered the nerdyfarmwife blog and I became inspired. The blog is filled with lots of natural soap recipes that use ingredients such as dandelions, daisies, lavender and more. I found a Dandelion lotion bar recipe that I really wanted to try and finally this week my daughter and I made our first batch and they are absolutely perfect for little gardening hands. Continue reading “Dandelion lotion bar recipe”

Harvesting potatoes with kids Harvesting potatoes with kids
This week we harvested our first crop of potatoes with our children. Our daughter was particularly excited as she burrowed to find spuds and our much younger son enjoyed getting stuck in as well. We planted out in early April into cheap sacks, one of which didn’t survive as it had perished on the bottom. These are a second early cultivar called Una which produces waxy new potatoes and later a larger main crop. I think the pretty pink colour made the experience even more enjoyable than a standard white. We knew it was about time to take our first harvest as the plants were flowering which is a good sign there is tuber development happening in the soil.
Continue reading “Harvesting potatoes with kids”