Preparing our winter veg How to prepare a winter vegetable garden for gardening with kidsThe beginning of the end approaches, for summer that is and our kids are enjoying reaping the awards of all their hard work and have been busily harvesting potatoes, carrots, salad, radishes, strawberries and more. As we approach the last few weeks of summer we have started to plan and prepare our winter vegetable garden. Now is a great time to sow crops and get plants ready for planting out. Gardening with kids is both fun and rewarding and  with a little planning you can easily enjoy harvesting your home grown vegetables this winter. In this weeks article we talk about the vegetables that our kids have chosen to grow. kids harvesting home grown summer vegetables
Both our children have enjoyed harvesting their homegrown fruit and vegetables this summer.

Before rushing out to buy a bunch of seed the first thing we did was to sit down with our daughter and decided what vegetables she’d like to grow this winter. This was a good time to review what we did last year and think about what worked and what didn’t. I prompted her to think especially about whether or not to grow garlic again and if so where, as the last crop suffered badly from rust. After careful deliberation and talking about the different vegetables we came to decide upon our Winter growing plan.

Choosing vegetables to grow in winter

Vegetables that do well in winter are Brassicas and Alliums, think bulbs and greens.The winter vegetables we will be growing with the kids this year are garlic, walking onions, spring onions, purple sprouting, kale, cabbage, beans and spinach.

Planning a winter vegetable garden Planning a winter vegetable garden with kidsAfter making her decisions and drawing her plans we went into the garden and sowed the seed into trays. Getting a head start on these plants can be very helpful and so long as they are well watered in the last of the sunny summer days they should do fine until being planted out in their final position in September. It’s worth noting to those less experienced these plants once established in the planters will go into pots before final planting to keep the roots from getting too cramped.

We hope you are enjoying the last of the summer weeks before autumn and would love to know what you are planning on growing this winter, any tips you may have etc. Let us know using our social media links.

Thank you for reading.