How to make a flower pot person with kids How to make a flower pot person with the kids is a prefect rainy day activityThis week we thought it would be fun for the kids to make a flower pot person for the garden using a stack of spare pots we have in the shed. The kids enjoyed decorating our flower pot girl whilst I did the fiddlier part of stringing everything together and thankfully our pots already had draining holes  which made this a much easier task. We finished off our design by potting up some parsley for hair. This was a really great activity for us all to do as a family and it was great watching the kids get creative in their own way with the left over plant pots, our daughter made a train for her brother and our son used them as tunnels for his cars. To make you own flower pot person please see below for instructions.
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Courgette cake recipe Making courgette cakes with the kids is a great, tasty way of using up the courgettes that have been growing in the garden.

This week we have been getting creative in the kitchen trying to find different ways to use all the courgettes that have been kindly given to us from a local grower and as I was searching for recipes I stumbled across courgette cakes. We’ve made carrot cake, parsnips cake and beetroot cake in the past but courgette cake was a new one for us but we were excited to give them a try. They were surprisingly very tasty and the kids ate a lot of them. To make your own courgette cakes please see the recipe in this post. Continue reading “Courgette cake recipe”

Nature rainbow colour hunt activity Download our free Nature rainbow colour hunt activity for kidsAs we enjoy the last few weeks of summer and slowly slip into autumn there are many colours surrounding us, red berries, yellow grasses, purple budlehia to name just a few. Our youngest is just starting to recognise and say a few colours and our eldest is learning to speak Welsh so to encourage their language use and to gently guide them into observing the seasonal changes and colours in their surroundings I have put together a Nature rainbow colour hunt and sorting activity which you can download and print. Continue reading “Nature rainbow colour hunt activity”