How to make a flower pot person with kids How to make a flower pot person with the kids is a prefect rainy day activityThis week we thought it would be fun for the kids to make a flower pot person for the garden using a stack of spare pots we have in the shed. The kids enjoyed decorating our flower pot girl whilst I did the fiddlier part of stringing everything together and thankfully our pots already had draining holes  which made this a much easier task. We finished off our design by potting up some parsley for hair. This was a really great activity for us all to do as a family and it was great watching the kids get creative in their own way with the left over plant pots, our daughter made a train for her brother and our son used them as tunnels for his cars. To make you own flower pot person please see below for instructions.

Making things with old plant pots
Getting creative with the plant pots. Here is the train our daughter made for her brother

How to make your own flower pot person

Making a flower pot person for your garden is a fun rainy day activity for the whole family. Our kids enjoyed decorating our flower pot girl whilst I did the fiddly part of attaching all the pieces. For quickness and ease we used pots that had draining holes already made so we could simply thread the string through.

You will need:

  • 1 large plant pot (Body)
  • 1 medium plant pot (Head)
  • 6 small plant pots (Arms)
  • String or gardening wire
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Goggly eyes
  • Stickers
  • Potted plant for funny hair, we used What do I need to make a flower pot person with the kids? To make a simple D.I.Y flower pot person you will need 1 large pot, 1 medium pots, 6 small pots, string, and paints for decorations


  • Decorate the medium pot to look like a face using goggly eyes, stickers, paper etc
  • Thread a long piece of string through two opposite holes on the inside of your medium plant pot. You should end up with two bits of string dangling from the bottom of your medium plant pot
  • Next, attach the medium (head) plant pot to a upside down large (body) plant pot by threading the string ends of the medium plant pot into two holes of the large plant pot. Tie a knot and secure.
  • Ask the kids to decorate the large pot to look like a body using stickers, paint, paper of your  choice
  • Whilst the kids are decorating the large pot you can start to make the arms.
  • Take 3 small plant pots and a long piece of string. Thread the string through two opposite holes inside one of the small pots, then take the string and thread it through the bottom of the second small pot so that they are sitting on each other and do the same again but this time have the third pot resting its top on the top of the second pot. (see picture below) How to make a D.I.Y plant pot person
    How to make the arms

    Once you have made the arm you need to attach it to the side of the large  pot, tie a knot and secure to the string used to attach the head and body.

  • Repeat for the second arm
  • Now all you need to do is plant some funny looking hair in the middle size pot and your D.I.Y flower pot person is D.I.Y flower pot person tutorial for kids.

We hope you have enjoyed this weeks post, and please let us know if you make your own flower pot person we would love to see some photos! Please come join us on Instagram and Facebook.