Create a mini wildlife pond with kids

How to make a wildlife pond activity for kidsLast September we made a mini wildlife pond in the garden with our kids and since then we have had many fun filled days watching all the different wildlife that live and visit our pond. Within two days of making our pond we were shocked and excited to discover a newt and now almost a year later our mini wildlife pond is home to at least 4 newts, some pond skaters and a couple of water snails as well as being a regular watering hole for the birds and barn cats who visit our garden. Continue reading “Create a mini wildlife pond with kids”

How to make a fairy door How to make a fairy door. Free fairy door and miniature fairy envelope templates. Creating a fairy garden with the kids

This week we added a little touch of fairy magic to the kids garden by making fairy doors complete with letterboxes and miniature fairy sized envelopes. Our daughter has been writing notes and leaving gifts out for the fairies for years and she is very excited that there is now a special place in the garden where she can post her letters. If you would like to make your own fairy door then please feel free to download our fairy door and miniature envelopes templates found in this post. Continue reading “How to make a fairy door”

How to make a bee bath for the garden

gardening with children activities. How to make a bee bath. love gardening with our two kids and one of the things we have been doing this past year is to encourage as much wildlife as possible to our garden. We are currently working towards making our garden more bee friendly and whilst we wait for our delivery of plants that are loved by bees we decided to look at other ways we could encourage bees to our garden and so this week we made a bee bath. Continue reading “How to make a bee bath for the garden”