As part of our daughters curriculum we have started reading ” The Burgess bird book for children” which is a collection of tales featuring a rabbit named Peter rabbit who becomes friends with a variety of birds in his neighbourhood. The tales introduce children to these different birds, their nesting habits, feeding preferences and characteristics. This week we read chapter 1 “Jenny Wren Arrives” and our daughter who loves birdwatching, was so engaged that we decided to continue learning about Wrens. Continue reading “Wrens”

Big garden birdwatch activities for kids

Big garden birdwatch activities for kids. Kindergardening.co.uk

This weekend we will be spending an hour in the garden taking part in the RSPB Big garden birdwatch. We will be recording all the different birds we see visiting our garden and how many of each. Our daughter is very excited as she loves watching the birds in the garden and we are very lucky to have blue tits, bullfinches, starlings, robins, sparrows and many more visit us. If you would like to take part in this years Big garden birdwatch all you have to do is download the birdwatching pack which can be found here: RSPB Big garden birdwatch pack. This week we have been doing some Bird inspired activities with the kids which we want to share with you. Continue reading “Big garden birdwatch activities for kids”

Where do UK animals go in winter?

Where do animals in the UK go in winter? kindergardening.co.ukSo winter has come and many of you in the UK may be experiencing the frost and snow. Now is a great time to observe the seasonal changes, see its’ many differences and the main one to notice is that it’s a lot emptier. The trees are bare now and there is a distinct lack of wildlife to be seen. This leads to a very important question, where did all the wildlife go? or perhaps more appropriately, how do animals survive the winter?

Continue reading “Where do UK animals go in winter?”

Feeding birds in winter

feeding garden birds in winter Kindergardening.co.ukAlthough we like to feed the birds all year round it is suggested that priority should be taken for feeding during winter and spring as these are the times when birds need the most help. During the winter months birds rely on their fat reserves to survive the cold, frosty nights and so they need to be eating high energy, high fat foods to maintain this. During winter as natural sources of food get scarce birds begin to look for another source of nutrition and this is where we can help. By leaving out feed for them we can increase their chance of survival during these difficult months. Continue reading “Feeding birds in winter”