Autumn leaf hunt activity Autumn leaf hunt activity sheet download for kidsAutumn has to be one of the most beautiful seasons and it is a fantastic time of the year for children to get outside in nature and notice all the changes that are happening around them. One of the first things children will notice is the leaves changing colour and falling to the floor so we have put together a Autumn leaf hunt activity sheet for you to download and enjoy with the kids. See how many Autumn leaves you can find and identify. Continue reading “Autumn leaf hunt activity”

Nature rainbow colour hunt activity Download our free Nature rainbow colour hunt activity for kidsAs we enjoy the last few weeks of summer and slowly slip into autumn there are many colours surrounding us, red berries, yellow grasses, purple budlehia to name just a few. Our youngest is just starting to recognise and say a few colours and our eldest is learning to speak Welsh so to encourage their language use and to gently guide them into observing the seasonal changes and colours in their surroundings I have put together a Nature rainbow colour hunt and sorting activity which you can download and print. Continue reading “Nature rainbow colour hunt activity”

Signs of summer activity for kids

signs of summer nature hunt activity for kids. Kinder

We are all enjoying spending more time outdoors as a family searching for mini beasts, picking our home grown vegetables, foraging and admiring all the flowers. We have put together a “Signs of summer” nature hunt activity for families to enjoy whilst the weather is good. How many signs of summer will you find?

To download your “Signs of Summer” nature hunt activity sheet please click here. 


We hope you enjoy this weeks nature themed activity for kids. Please feel free to share with us on social media and photos from your summer nature walks, we would love to see them.

Caterpillar and butterfly identification activity

Summer is here and both our kids are having so much fun chasing after butterflies and searching for caterpillars. As a family we are getting pretty good at identifying the butterflies that we see but we are not as good at identifying the caterpillars. Our daughter in particular is very enthusiastic about learning the names of all the creatures we find, she wants to know if they are rare, what they eat, where do they live etc and so we decided to make a simple, visual identification guide that shows 6 common caterpillars and butterflies found in the Uk and mentions what the caterpillar likes to feed on and the time of year that you can see the butterfly in flight. Our caterpillar and butterfly identification sheets are free for you to download and enjoy. Continue reading “Caterpillar and butterfly identification activity”