How to make a fairy door How to make a fairy door. Free fairy door and miniature fairy envelope templates. Creating a fairy garden with the kids

This week we added a little touch of fairy magic to the kids garden by making fairy doors complete with letterboxes and miniature fairy sized envelopes. Our daughter has been writing notes and leaving gifts out for the fairies for years and she is very excited that there is now a special place in the garden where she can post her letters. If you would like to make your own fairy door then please feel free to download our fairy door and miniature envelopes templates found in this post. Continue reading “How to make a fairy door”

Halloween kids activities

halloween garden activities for children
We greatly look forward to seasonal celebrations and events as they are a chance to teach our children about history and culture as well as enjoy a shared celebration with their local community. The last part being of great importance to us because we believe it’s important for children to feel safe and connected in their community and that the outside world is something not to be afraid of. Halloween in particular gives our children a chance to interact with their neighbours and the surrounding community with whom they may not have had much interaction before. Although it’s not always easy to deal with children hyper from all the sugar consumption we feel the increase in confidence is worth it.

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Garden birds

british birds activities for kids kinder

I love listening to the sounds of the birds chirping away in the garden and we are lucky to have a good variety of feathery visitors. Just recently our daughter spotted a Bullfinch which we were all very excited about as we hear they are on the decline. Seeing this colourful bird has sparked our daughters’ interest in identifying the birds that visit our garden and we often find her sitting at the window with her binoculars and bird book looking at the blue tits and robins.

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