Dandelion cupcake recipe

Kindergardening.co.uk Dandelion cupcake recipe for kids. Introduce kids to foraging by collecting dandelions to make some delicious cakes

To some dandelions are nothing more than weeds and I must admit although we let some grow in the garden because they are a good source of nutritious pollen and nectar for the bees I have never really given the dandelion much notice or credit. However the other day we were talking about childhood memories and some of the traditional drinks that we used to have and  Dandelion and Burdock came up into the conversation. I cannot remember if I enjoyed the drink as a child but I definitely associate it with a traditional summer. We had planned on attempting to make our own dandelion and burdock drink with the kids but as we were researching the method we discovered that every part of the dandelion is edible and came across many different recipes that use the petals of dandelions. Our garden is covered with the yellow flower heads and so we decided that rather than digging up the roots we would have a go at making dandelion cupcakes.  Continue reading “Dandelion cupcake recipe”

Spring bulbs

spring bulbs to plant with children

We are really enjoying gardening with our children and want to carry on growing through autumn and winter. Last week we listed our winter/early spring vegetable suggestions to start planting now, but there is of course the other plant to think about at this time of year, the spring bulb. This is an important one as a colourful display of flowers can lift mood and incite promise and enthusiasm for the coming year after a dark dormant winter. Planting spring bulbs is a fun gardening activity for children and these bulbs should be fairly easy for young ones to plant, just make sure they go in right side up and the soil is worked and light. Turning the soil and adding compost is great preparation for new spring bulbs going in and will help them get established before winter. Continue reading “Spring bulbs”

Seed Dispersal

Who planted all the wild seeds?

We are very lucky to live near a nature spot filled with blackberries, alpine strawberries, sloes, grasses, wild flowers and much more. This week as part of the ‘Exploring Nature with Children curriculum that we follow we will be looking at seed dispersal with our kids. September is the perfect time in the UK for teaching children about how seeds are dispersed as there are lots of opportunities to witness it happening whilst out on a walk or whilst your doing a spot of gardening with the children.

Take a nature walk in wild meadow with wild alpine strawberries and blackberries

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Signs of autumn

Signs that the seasons are changing

As you may have already noticed, the early signs of autumn are appearing.  This is the perfect time for both adults and children to take notice and see the changes as they progress. Whilst we have been gardening with the children and going on our nature walks we have noticed that the leaves on the trees are starting to turn.

Download our signs  of  autumn  activity  sheet.

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