Caterpillar and butterfly identification activity

Summer is here and both our kids are having so much fun chasing after butterflies and searching for caterpillars. As a family we are getting pretty good at identifying the butterflies that we see but we are not as good at identifying the caterpillars. Our daughter in particular is very enthusiastic about learning the names of all the creatures we find, she wants to know if they are rare, what they eat, where do they live etc and so we decided to make a simple, visual identification guide that shows 6 common caterpillars and butterflies found in the Uk and mentions what the caterpillar likes to feed on and the time of year that you can see the butterfly in flight. Our caterpillar and butterfly identification sheets are free for you to download and enjoy. Continue reading “Caterpillar and butterfly identification activity”

Create a mini wildlife pond with kids

How to make a wildlife pond activity for kidsLast September we made a mini wildlife pond in the garden with our kids and since then we have had many fun filled days watching all the different wildlife that live and visit our pond. Within two days of making our pond we were shocked and excited to discover a newt and now almost a year later our mini wildlife pond is home to at least 4 newts, some pond skaters and a couple of water snails as well as being a regular watering hole for the birds and barn cats who visit our garden. Continue reading “Create a mini wildlife pond with kids”

Where do UK animals go in winter?

Where do animals in the UK go in winter? winter has come and many of you in the UK may be experiencing the frost and snow. Now is a great time to observe the seasonal changes, see its’ many differences and the main one to notice is that it’s a lot emptier. The trees are bare now and there is a distinct lack of wildlife to be seen. This leads to a very important question, where did all the wildlife go? or perhaps more appropriately, how do animals survive the winter?

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Indian stick insects

Raising Stick Insects

Exploring nature plays a huge part in our daughters education and it always amazes me at how much she learns and how much knowledge she gains from playing, observing and questioning what is happening around her. So we were very excited when the grandparents brought the kids the ‘Insectlore’ Living Twig – Stick Insect kit as we get to watch for ourselves the life cycle of the stick insect.

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