Create a mini wildlife pond with kids

How to make a wildlife pond activity for kidsLast September we made a mini wildlife pond in the garden with our kids and since then we have had many fun filled days watching all the different wildlife that live and visit our pond. Within two days of making our pond we were shocked and excited to discover a newt and now almost a year later our mini wildlife pond is home to at least 4 newts, some pond skaters and a couple of water snails as well as being a regular watering hole for the birds and barn cats who visit our garden. Continue reading “Create a mini wildlife pond with kids”

Teaching children about moss

teaching children about moss have been enjoying learning about moss this week with the children as part of the ‘Exploring nature with children curriculum‘ that we follow. I never knew there were so many different types of moss but we found many different species  growing in all sorts of places. In fact even before we got out of the garden gate our daughter was shouting “moss, moss” as we seem to have quite a lot on our steps and wall.  Continue reading “Teaching children about moss”

Deciduous and evergreen trees

Deciduous and evergreen trees,

Late October is a great time of the year to do tree studies with the kids in the UK and this week we are going to focus on the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees as we go on our nature walks. We’ve enjoyed all the Autumn leaf activities of the past few weeks, watching the transition of leaf colour and collecting the fallen leaves but now we are noticing another change. In the last couple of days whilst out on our walks at our local nature spot we have started to notice that some of the trees are looking a little bare whilst others are not. In the landscape it is very clear that as some trees drop all their leaves for Winter others stand tall and green. We want to use this opportunity to teach our daughter about deciduous and evergreen trees and the different methods they have for surviving the cold Winter months. Continue reading “Deciduous and evergreen trees”