Courgette cake recipe Making courgette cakes with the kids is a great, tasty way of using up the courgettes that have been growing in the garden.

This week we have been getting creative in the kitchen trying to find different ways to use all the courgettes that have been kindly given to us from a local grower and as I was searching for recipes I stumbled across courgette cakes. We’ve made carrot cake, parsnips cake and beetroot cake in the past but courgette cake was a new one for us but we were excited to give them a try. They were surprisingly very tasty and the kids ate a lot of them. To make your own courgette cakes please see the recipe in this post. Continue reading “Courgette cake recipe”

Preparing our winter veg How to prepare a winter vegetable garden for gardening with kidsThe beginning of the end approaches, for summer that is and our kids are enjoying reaping the awards of all their hard work and have been busily harvesting potatoes, carrots, salad, radishes, strawberries and more. As we approach the last few weeks of summer we have started to plan and prepare our winter vegetable garden. Now is a great time to sow crops and get plants ready for planting out. Gardening with kids is both fun and rewarding and ¬†with a little planning you can easily enjoy harvesting your home grown vegetables this winter. In this weeks article we talk about the vegetables that our kids have chosen to grow. Continue reading “Preparing our winter veg”

Autumn veg planting with children

Vegetables to plant in Autumn
If you want to continue gardening with you children over Winter take a look at this list of vegetables that can be sown right now in Autumn

As much as we do not want to wish Summer away there is definitely a strong sense that Autumn is on it’s way and it’s beginning to show in the garden. We have nearly harvested the summer crops and our daughter was so exited to pull the carrots she grew from seed, our son is still desperately trying to find the last remaining edible blackberries and the caterpillars have feasted like kings on our radishes. The garden is looking slightly bare.

Continue reading “Autumn veg planting with children”