Butterflies in the UK

Did you know there are 59 species of butterfly in the UK and that they are one of the most threatened groups of wildlife?
Sadly, UK wildlife on a whole is in decline, of the more noticeable is the butterflies. Their beautiful colours and aerobatics are a noticeable part of a British summer. It is an appreciation of these creatures I wish to pass to my children, one such way is taking my children out to explore for insects and see which butterflies we can spot. Naturally this is easier for some more than others, certainly than for those living in built up areas. There are however things everyone can do to peak a childs’ interest.

Red Admiral, Common Blue butterflies. Kindergardening.co.uk
Whilst out on a nature walk with the children we were lucky to spot a Red Admiral, Common Blue and a Small Copper butterfly.

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Minibeast Hunt

Why do children love minibeasts?

Is it just me or do Minibeasts and children go hand in hand? These tiny little creatures and the world they live in are a source of fascination for the inquisitive, curious minds of our children. Being outdoors and investigating the insect/bug world is a fantastic activity for children’s development. It can teach them so much from caring for the environment, being kind to living things to allowing them to use all their senses, record what they see and most importantly ask questions.

Minibeast activity sheet for children

We’ve put together a FREE Minibeast hunt sheet with some of the most common mini beast found in the UK. Next time you are gardening with the kids or taking a nature walk why not do this mini beast hunt and see how many you find.

Minibeast hunt activity sheet kinder gardening.co.uk

Please feel free to download by clicking the link below, go exploring with your kids and see how many you can find. Download here 

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