Harvesting potatoes with kids

kindergardening.co.uk Harvesting potatoes with kids
This week we harvested our first crop of potatoes with our children. Our daughter was particularly excited as she burrowed to find spuds and our much younger son enjoyed getting stuck in as well. We planted out in early April into cheap sacks, one of which didn’t survive as it had perished on the bottom. These are a second early cultivar called Una which produces waxy new potatoes and later a larger main crop. I think the pretty pink colour made the experience even more enjoyable than a standard white. We knew it was about time to take our first harvest as the plants were flowering which is a good sign there is tuber development happening in the soil.
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Homemade play dough with herbs recipe

Kindergardening.co.uk Gardening with kids activities: Homemade play dough with herbs recipe

This week we’ve been picking the herbs that we have growing  in the garden and adding them to our homemade play dough recipe to make a fun sensory activity for the kids to enjoy. The herbs we used was thyme, mint, sage, lemon balm and chives and each offered its own different element to the sensory play experience. The lemon balm and mint made the play dough fragrant the rough leaves of the sage added texture to the dough and the pretty tiny pink flowers from the thyme made excellent decorations. You can find the recipe to make your own homemade play dough with herbs in this weeks article. Continue reading “Homemade play dough with herbs recipe”

Signs of summer activity for kids

signs of summer nature hunt activity for kids. Kinder gardening.co.uk

We are all enjoying spending more time outdoors as a family searching for mini beasts, picking our home grown vegetables, foraging and admiring all the flowers. We have put together a “Signs of summer” nature hunt activity for families to enjoy whilst the weather is good. How many signs of summer will you find?

To download your “Signs of Summer” nature hunt activity sheet please click here. 


We hope you enjoy this weeks nature themed activity for kids. Please feel free to share with us on social media and photos from your summer nature walks, we would love to see them.

Caterpillar and butterfly identification activity

Summer is here and both our kids are having so much fun chasing after butterflies and searching for caterpillars. As a family we are getting pretty good at identifying the butterflies that we see but we are not as good at identifying the caterpillars. Our daughter in particular is very enthusiastic about learning the names of all the creatures we find, she wants to know if they are rare, what they eat, where do they live etc and so we decided to make a simple, visual identification guide that shows 6 common caterpillars and butterflies found in the Uk and mentions what the caterpillar likes to feed on and the time of year that you can see the butterfly in flight. Our caterpillar and butterfly identification sheets are free for you to download and enjoy. Continue reading “Caterpillar and butterfly identification activity”